SMS Strategies for Creators – Why You Should Text Your Audience

SMS Strategies for Creators – Why You Should Text Your Audience

 Parrot Team  |  January 13, 2022
SMS Strategies for Creators
SMS Strategies for Creators

The future is mobile. And SMS strategies for creators are going to be big. 

How do we know? According to Google Analytics’ Benchmarking feature, over 68% of website visits in 2020 came from mobile devices, whereas desktops drove just 28.9% of all visits. There’s been steady growth year-over-year in mobile while desktop usage shows a steady decline. 

Since the pandemic hit in 2020, consumers are shopping more online while expecting similar personalized services to what they get in-store. That means creators need to develop relationships with their customers, which takes work. 

They don’t come to you—you have to go where they are.

Now, we’re not advising that you go knocking on their doors—that’d be weird. Also, we know Gen Z does not want that. Just do the next fastest and easiest thing: text them.

Here’s why:

Your audience will always have a mobile device within reach and text intermittently throughout the day. 

To help you get started, we’ll unpack:

  • Why You Should Be Texting
  • What is SMS marketing?
  •  How to Build a Text Audience 
  • The Dos and Don’ts When Texting Consumers

Why You Should Be Texting

Prospective buyers and customers don’t want to receive cold calls—or voicemails. They want real conversations with real human beings who can interact and engage with them.

How do you reach them? You could try email marketing, but that has a 21.33% open rate and a 1.22% conversion rate.

On the other hand, 90% of people read text messages within 30 minutes. Texting lets you interact with customers in real-time.

Picture this: your customer opens their favorite messaging app and texts you, “I need a pair of jeans, blue or black, under $150.”

You or your team get the alert and then send them a personalized product recommendation—“Here’s a blue/black pair of jeans we think you’d like.” They can text you back with their size and provide their credit card info without ever leaving their texting app.

What Is SMS Marketing?

When most creators or brands think of texting their audience, they’re thinking of SMS marketing, or short message service marketing. SMS marketing is one way you can communicate via text. You can use it to send customers promotions and updates via text messages.

Some brands only do SMS marketing promotions (i.e., discount codes) via text. They don’t provide genuine customer service or interactive VIP experiences over text. We recommend you create unique content and focus on real experiences instead of spray and pray SMS marketing blasts if you want to stand out as a creator. As carriers and companies like Apple start to filter out SMS spam, it’s important to ensure your texts don’t get labeled as such.

SMS Strategies for Creators

How to Build Your SMS List

Before you start texting, you need to make sure you’ve got your bases covered. The key is to never text people that haven’t opted in to get texts from you.

Let’s dig into how to get customers to opt-in without annoying them.

Get a Phone Number and List it on Your Site

People will sign up if you list your number on your site or social media profile. You can also share a sign up link with potential subscribers on social and via email. This is the easiest way to build your phone list – make your phone number accessible and visible. If you don’t already have a phone number, get one for your brand or small business. (You can get one with Parrot for free.)

Offer value to your text subscribers

If you want your texts to make sense to your audience, you need to provide a ton of value. Text them exclusive content, VIP access to new products and rewards, or just be available to them for a quick chat.

Text subscribers are giving you access to their mobile phone —one of their most intimate possessions—so treat it as sacred.

Run a giveaway or contest

Run a giveaway on special occasions, holidays, or anniversaries. You can get people to enter your text giveaways by texting your phone number.

Build in urgency, simplify the entry process, and add a sweet prize to generate more interest and start growing your list.

Capture and convert opt-ins from your email list

You’re already talking to your audience via email, so it’s likely some may want to get texts from your brand. You can add a “Text to Join” banner on one of your upcoming emails.

SMS Strategies for Creators – The Dos and Don’ts

Consumers are bombarded with traditional email and text marketing messages. They’ve become adept at tuning these messages out to avoid cognitive overload, so they delete emails, block banner ads and SMS short codes, and also skip video ads after five seconds. 

People open text messages because they’re psychologically helpless against that little notification. When done right, texting customers should be a welcome interruption, not an annoyance. 

However, there are specific etiquette guidelines to consider before you start texting your audience. Here are a few of our favorite Dos and Don’ts:


  • Integrate texting with your social media marketing. Blend bots with human involvement to provide two-way personal messaging so your audience can ask questions and receive answers. Try spending some time every day texting back and forth with your favorite subscribers.
  • Collect feedback from your audience to improve and refine your content and products over time. Try sending out a survey over text for what content to release next on social.
  • Measure engagement metrics like your text responses to know how well your audience connects to your brand.


  • Use shared short code to send text blasts to thousands of people at a time—you risk alienating your audience.
  • Text customers without their consent!
  • Buy phone number lists (never do this, seriously).
  • Focus your texts solely on generating sales or sending coupons.

Can texting work for you and your brand? Only one way to find out— Try texting your audience!

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