SMS selling made simple

Send welcome interruptions to customers using low-friction SMS marketing that promotes conversation (not spam)

We make it easy to sell with texts

Delight customers with a seamless mobile payment experience

Credit card storage for low-friction buying

Create a frictionless checkout experience for repeat buyers by letting them check out by just replying “YES”

Free phone number

Get a free toll-free phone number to chat with buyers while they’re shopping or checking out

What parrot brings to the table:

How we help you collect money over text

Start selling in just 5 minutes

Sign up. Add your products. Add your bank account. Start selling.

Improve your brand

Ask customers how they feel about your products and brand via text (and use it to improve).

Build loyalty with better customer service

No more sending emails into the ether—have 2-way conversations with customers via text.

How does it work

1.Connect your existing store or add your products
2.Launch a drop or campaign
3.Interact with customers

Start driving mobile
revenue today

Catered to your industry

Texting and SMS 





Parrot helps sellers build relationships with buyers.

What’s the most important thing to an eCommerce seller? A loyal customer base. Without it, your online store will shrivel up and shut down.

You need an all-in-one texting tool that’s quick to set up, manage, and gets the job done. With Parrot, you can start selling within minutes—no learning curves or training necessary.

eCommerce sellers like you use Parrot to have two-way conversations with customers and collect one-click payments. Collecting money via text helps build loyal fans and boost sales.

Give text blasts the boot and focus on delivering welcomed interruptions that delight.

Build better customer experiences with Parrot.

Texting and SMS 




indie makers

You’re an independent brand selling consumer goods. Your primary goal—getting your products into the hands of customers. Unfortunately, this is a challenge when you’re new or lack reviews.

This is why it’s critical to build a feedback loop strategy.

Texting isn’t just for promoting your offers or coupons. With Parrot, you have real-time communication with your customers. You can ask for real feedback and reviews.

Texting is also an effective channel to spread the word about upcoming products you’re working on. You can treat it like your DM on social. Plus, it makes it really easy to provide VIP customer support. There’s no other channel technique like texting, and your competitors are likely already using it.

Don’t fall behind.

Start growing your brand with Parrot.

Texting and SMS 








Musicians. Gamers. Entertainers. You’re the movers and shakers. Whatever your title, you’re all about creating great content and VIP experiences for your fans and customers.

It sets you apart from your competition. You already avoid mediocre email blasts and spammy marketing tactics. Instead, you choose to be genuine. You put effort into connecting with your fans.

It’s just not easy to do using email and social media DMs. Parrot is unique—it makes selling and chatting via text easier. It also empowers you to have two-way chats with your audience to show you value them.

If you want raving fans and brand advocates, then texting and SMS can help.

Start building your fanbase with Parrot today.


Enterprise-grade security for you

Our solution is built using industry-leading standards for privacy, encryption, and PCI compliance. Your data is safe with Parrot.

Want to find out more about how we keep your data safe?

Integrate with your existing stack

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This is my first time using SMS. It's been so good with 
helping to generate more sales and meeting my customer where they are. The setup was seamless and the founder has been there every step of the way with whatever help I need. Highly recommend!

Love Peridot

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