How Pink Horse Power used SMS Payments to Make $1300 in 4 Hours

How Pink Horse Power used SMS Payments to Make $1300 in 4 Hours

 Parrot Team  |  February 24, 2022
Pink Horse Power
Pink Horse Power

On Cyber Monday,  Cam’ron, a rapper, actor, and record executive used text messages to sell his herbal supplements—Pink Horse Power. His team generated more than $1000 in revenue in a fraction of the time it would have taken using paid ads or email marketing. They did this by letting their customers reply “YES” and pay via text using Parrot.

Texting is the future, and Pink Horse Power is leveraging it for their brand.

In this blog, we outline how Pink Horse Power utilized Parrot.


Background — What is Pink Horse Power?

Pink Horse Power sells an all-natural herbal supplement designed to boost male stamina and libido. The product, fondly christened Cam’ron’s Bedroom Love, is marketed as an organic alternative to big-name male enhancers like Viagra and Cialis. Its ingredients are sourced from Western Africa and bottled in the United States.

Cam’ron and his team understood that to leverage his existing fanbase to push his newly launched product, they needed to reach the customers directly. Social media alone wasn’t going to cut it. Social has excellent benefits, but ultimately you don’t own the platform and there are other unseen barriers and payment frictions that make social hard to use.


Pink Horse Power’s Advantage Using Text

The proof is in the numbers.The team at PHP launched a campaign on Cyber Monday and had a lot of success.

Out of the 3,047 text messages delivered using Parrot, Pink Horse Power had 199 responses from potential customers. These resulted in 14 orders from customers, who went on to purchase via text, generating $1,330 in just four hours.

Pink Horse Power Infographic

Texting trumps traditional marketing channels for several reasons. According to data pulled from the Google Analytics Benchmarking tool, 68.1% of website traffic in 2020 originated from mobile devices compared to 28.9% from desktops. As more and more people turn to mobile, texting and mobile payments are the future for brands, entrepreneurs, and creators.


Using Parrot for Better Communication 

Many brands rely on SMS for their marketing promotions, most of which are usually discounts codes sent via text. There are two reasons why this approach doesn’t work to get customer engagement.

For starters, they’re one-sided. Since customers can’t respond to messages to buy or get help, these messages are annoying. It’s the number one way to get ignored, have subscribers unsubscribe, or even worse, get reported.

They also lack that personalized, interactive VIP experience that today’s consumer wants. 

Your brand can  offer lifetime value to consumers when you use Parrot. Audiences can get stuff through texts they can’t get elsewhere, and they feel valued because of it. By addressing your customer’s questions via text or giving them exclusive access to your content or merch the moment it drops, you create a seamless mobile ecosystem that makes it easier for your audience to take action.

Pink Horse Power had 199 engagements. That’s 199 customers responding “YES” to buy and asking for more details about the product. This level of interactive engagement ultimately drives brand loyalty and repeat purchases.


Final Thoughts

Advertisements get ignored largely because they are difficult to act on immediately. Pink Horse Power leveraged the power of text messages through Parrot to drive engagement and make sales by letting customers reply “YES” to purchase within their texting app. It would not have been possible through traditional methods like discount emails.

Try Parrot and see how easy it is to collect payments and communicate with your audience.

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