How a clothing brand increased revenue by
over $100k and grew its SMS list to 10K subscribers with Parrot

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Unapologetic Urban Gear is a faith-based clothing brand based in Atlanta, Georgia. It’s run by Henry C. Murphy, a serial entrepreneur and two-time, high-grossing restaurant manager.
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Unapologetic Urban Gear was like many unsuspecting brands using traditional SMS marketing apps. The platform they used lacked responsiveness, making it difficult to offer timely replies to customers. The features and functionalities were also lacking, which limited their ability to grow.


After switching to Parrot, Unapologetic Urban Gear saw a $168K in annual sales (out of $750,000) compared to $60K with the traditional SMS marketing app.

In just two hours, Parrot generated $1,200 and increased conversions by 4%. Then over two months, Parrot’s text payments generated over 270 additional orders totaling over $7,000 in revenue.

Unapologetic Urban Gear grew its subscriber list to 144 returning customers they could easily text personalized deals to. During their pilot with Parrot, they received dedicated support for its growth, which enabled them to increase their list to over 10,000 SMS contacts.

"If Parrot were to disappear, I’d be very disappointed. I run my business with a move-forward-only mindset, and I’m doing just that with Parrot. So many people haven’t tapped into SMS yet, and I believe Parrot has brought even more value to the space by enabling the Pay by Text feature and making the checkout process easier for my customers,"
Unapologetic Urban Gear

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