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Parrot helps brands build meaningful relationships with buyers and provides frictionless one-tap buying experiences using SMS.

Parrot exists because mobile is the future

People are social beings. We enjoy engaging with one another but in ways that are convenient and non-disruptive. Marketers learned this and delved into the world of email marketing.

For a time, this worked like a charm. But, there is a shift away from email and constant interruptions.

Gen Z and millennials are mobile-first and barely check their email inboxes. If sellers want to connect with today’s buyers, they need to adopt a mobile approach.

Parrot was created to make mobile commerce easier.

Parrot's mission:

To create 


mobile experiences

With Parrot, creators, influencers, and brands can build brand-customer relationships. We empower brands to connect with their audience authentically as they would a long-time friend. Some even use it to get real-time feedback to improve their content and products.

Then when customers are ready to buy, they can do so with a one-tap purchase. Thanks to our secure credit card storage, a buyer’s phone number becomes their wallet. It makes the buying process simple for everyone—sellers forgo using 3rd-party apps and buyers avoid multi-step checkouts.

It’s frictionless engagement and buying at its finest.

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"Great app. Almost prints money. Been using the app on our site for 1.5 weeks and we are very satisfied. There is a feature or two I hope to see soon, but it has all the features I need today. Bottom-line: It's driving purchases and the app as-is works flawlessly. I have not needed much support but the support is top notch."


"We use this app as an additional … channel and so far we have been very happy with its performance. It's more direct than emails and we've seen way higher engagement …. On top of that, the support we've received has been phenomenal & always very timely. Highly recommend!"

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